Exciting worlds and characters await you in Block Jump Heroes. Discover each world with different characters and jump as high as possible. We're looking for heroes who really aim high. Do you accept the challenge?

Exciting worlds:
Play in worlds full of falling blocks and other dangers. Each time it is complelty different, so you will never get bored!
Unique heroes:
Discover the worlds with Marvin, Nuggit and others. Each world has its own signature character to play as. Each character is waiting that you will bring him up right into the sky!
Cool stickers:
While you are playing you will earn special chests besides the common rewards. Each world has its own chest that holds 6 different really cool stickers. Are you able to complete all collections?
Powerful upgrades:
In order to become the Block Jump Hero, you need to upgrade your characters. Each character has four properties and one special ability, with them you make him the real hero.
Helpful friends:
Invite your friends and send each other helpful presents. Also you can compete with them: Who has the better score? Who has more achievements unlocked?
World-wide high score:
Everyone on the whole world can see your score. Are you able to make a new world record? Or do you want to be the best in our weekly challenges?
Challenging achievements:
Many achievements are waiting for being unlocked! Everything you do will count towards them - and soon you will be able to unlock diamonds and more!

Two worlds are playable now. Choose a world and try to climb as high as possible! Blocks randomly fall from the top of the screen and pave your way.
Each block has its own special properties: some help you, some can kill you or just aim to hamper your progress. As you climb higher, more blocks will appear and it becomes harder to progress. If you want to know how good you are, you can compare your progress with other players around the world or with your friends.
Be a Block Jump Hero!

Nuggit in the Alien Barn world
Marvin in the Shroom Forest world
We're waiting, our world is still in development!