Dungeons of Tal'Doria
Dungeons of Tal'Doria is a coop sandbox exploration game. While you explore a huge world with manifold biomes, you will come across deep and dangerous dungeons filled with treasures. Play with your friends and you will be able to defeat the most evil foes you can imagine.
Tal'Doria is inspired by Cube World and Diablo 3.

Explore Tal'Doria
Tal'Doria is an infinite, randomly generated world. It is made up of different biomes, which are unique in every aspect. The name is based on the creator and goddess Doria. Throughout the game you will find animals, monsters, dungeons and other villager. You will also have opportunities to equip yourself for your journey by trading what you don't need with travelling merchants.
Deep character progression
Decide if you want to play as a strong Knight, a wise Mage or a dexterous Archer. Each class can choose between at least three different skill sets and gain many new powers. Train your new powers to become even more formidable!
Play with your friends
The most powerful of enemies awaiting you and should never be faced ALONE! Take your friends with you and increase your chances of success. But beware: Even in a group you should bring your most potent weapons along!
Collect and train pets
There are many different creatures in Tal'Doria, all of which can become your pet. Collect, train and evolve them to become even stronger!
Be a crafter
Become a great crafter and give yourself the best possible chance of survival. Collect resources, such as minerals and herbs, to make the most lethal weapons, strongest armor and helpful potions.

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